This post will discuss the format of the blog, the reason I chose to make it, information for people interested in suggesting words for this blog to explore, info about crediting sources and a few other things.

The format of this Blog:

My Blog will start off each week with a specific word, it’s meaning and some general information about that particular word. Most words will be relegated to just one week though some may make a 2nd appearance if there is more important info and it is enough to be given another week on the Blog.

All posts about a given word will be tagged under that word. Also to make things more easy and neat, the button “This week’s Word” can be pressed from the top bar next to the about me button. Although pretty self-explanatory, this button will include all posts during the current week about the word we are exploring. If the word re-surfaces on the blog it will include only that week’s additional blog posts to that word. All previous posts under that word can be found in the archives or in a simple search under that word.

When exploring a word during the week I will include many different Blog posts about that word instead of just one. Although this may seem weird. There is a method to my madness so to speak. It is because there is a lot of history, politics, misuse, and meaning changes surrounding many words. Putting them all into one extremely lengthy post would not only be difficult for me to complete in a timely manner but would also be counter-productive by making it less quick and easy for the potential reader to absorb. Many people don’t have tons of time to spend daily on reading blog posts or lack the interest to spend a whole hour or more learning about one single word. This will help to keep interest up while also sectioning off information that may be of interest to some people but not to others.

You may also notice the link up at the top under the contact page that says: “next words”. The words on this list will be the ones that show up on the blog next. There will only be a max of 6 words on this list at one time. I will put usernames next to words that have been suggested. If you suggested a word but it is not on the upcoming words list, this does not mean I have rejected the word. It just means it is not one of the next words to be used. I have a much more lengthy list on my computer which probably includes your word so long as it doesn’t go against one of my rules.

Word Suggestion Information:

As I alluded to above, I welcome other people’s suggestions for word exploration. However, this being my blog, I will, of course, have the final say on if the word makes it on the list or not. That being said, I will not exclude a word just because I don’t like it, or wouldn’t use it personally. I already have planned for some words I am not a fan of to be featured on this blog. I do have rules though.

  1. I will not add any swear words. – Though it may be tempting to do this at some point because I am sure the origins and history of these words could be interesting to research and write about. I am not willing to explore these words at this time. Simply because there are so many other words that we have the possibility to explore before contemplating swear words.
  2. I will not add any words that have no history – If the word has no history of usage for more than a few years, I will not explore it. Perhaps in the future when there is enough to speak about, I may be willing to add it, but for now, anything that was added into real print dictionaries in the past few years is not something I am willing to explore. *However, if these words have a more long used equivalent, I am willing to explore those equivalent words and potentially name the new branches off this word as well including the word you had originally wanted to be mentioned as a derivative.
  3. I will not add any words that are not in a real dictionary – this excludes the urban dictionaries as well as online-only dictionaries entries. I have brand new as well as older print dictionaries to check. If it doesn’t make it into a print dictionary then I will not add it to the site. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. If the word is long retired I will not add it (at this time) – This is for the same reason as swear words. There are still many words to explore and there is no need, at least for quite a while, to go into words that are no longer in the current dictionaries. Especially those that have been excluded for generations.
  5. No simple words – I will not explore the usage, history, and potential misuse of the words “of”, “and”, “the”, “car”, “bunny”, “door” or any similarly straight forward and simple words. I don’t really think I need to explain this, if I do, well then, I think you may be better off looking to your parents or enrolling in the local pre-school for the answers you seek.

If your word suggestion meets these qualifications then please leave the suggestion below and I will add it to my list of words I plan to explore and add to the blog.

The reason for starting this Blog:

I had originally thought to start a new blog quite a while ago, but part of me wanted to blog about politics or good books. However, that is something many people do already at great length and there are many exceptional blogs in that capacity as well as mediocre ones. I would have just been another drop in the bucket.

Truth be told, I had already made a fairly successful blog on Tumblr reviewing comics and manga. So, making a reading review blog here would have been a redundant waste of time in not only other people’s eyes but my own as well. Plus, things such as new politics and reading review blogs would only gain traction in blogging platforms like Tumblr or Medium where more saturation of the same topic means it’s more likely to be viewed. This, unfortunately, made me fresh out of ideas so I put my blogging interest on the back burner.

However, as I continued to surf the net, reading, watching and participating in a discussion on other people’s blogs, news sites, forums, podcasts, and on social media, I began to notice how some words had been almost abandoned by people, while others were used too loosely. I began to think about the words and why they may or may not be being abandoned or used loosely. I also saw people seeking to redefine specific words which I personally found abhorrent. After all doing so would change the understanding of history and historical writings for future generations. Then I began wondering what changes may have occurred that affected our understanding of words already. Finally, I also saw people who had either by accident or intentionally misused or misunderstood word definitions. The more I saw these things, the more it bothered me. Words are made to be used in certain ways. Throwing weighty words around I found especially egregious. These words originally were reserved for understanding the vital feelings or importance of something or someone. They are made to snap people to attention about a subject and deliver certain emotions upon their usage. However, misuses either intentional or unintentional take away from the potency of the word when they are needed and used correctly.

It was at this point I decided to write about words. But word definition and usage could already be found in dictionaries and people simply were not interested in finding out the real meanings of words and they also had no interest in understanding the ramifications behind their mischaracterization of the words they use. So although I had the passion for revealing words and their real meanings. That information alone would not be sufficient to draw people’s attention since the information has always been available and is rarely used.

It was at this point that I realized that including the history of words would make it more interesting. Although in an online dictionary you can find some small amount of history such as the word’s origin. You cannot find how the word has been implemented and used throughout history and it’s hard to find many of the changes that happened to its definition in between its creation and now. I realized that there are many history buffs like myself out there and that this could be the key to having more people interested in both reading about or exploring words themselves. So that is how I ended up deciding on this subject for my blog and the reasons behind this subject.

Credit where Credit is Due:

Although this is just a formality really, I figured that I should probably tell the reader that I will give sources for all the information that I use to write a blog post. If the information can be found online directly I will add a link. If it cannot I will link where you can find the information to buy online if you desire and I will also post the name of books, articles, videos, news shows, etc. so you can look them up on your own and get the information yourself if you like.


I am extremely grateful for all the documentation found online, in books, articles, and other places. History of all kinds is important to know so that we as people can build on the knowledge of the people before us and not fall into the same traps or make the same mistakes. Although knowledge is varied based upon the person who writes it and their personal views. You can usually gain important insight and understanding by looking into all accounts of a specific word and understanding its original meaning. Obviously, I will not say that the posts I make are all there is to know about a word. There is a ton of information and history out there about each word just waiting for people to dig up. So make sure you merely use this blog as one of the tools to make it easier for you to research and explore words that are important to you. Make sure to go out and dig into information concerning the words that you find interesting and most of all, make sure you have fun doing it.

So anyways, sorry for the long blog post and I hope you enjoy all the information and features I intend to offer to my readers on this blog. Make sure that if you have something relevant to say about a post or word, that you leave it in the corresponding comment section. I may also eventually add a chat so everyone can converse about the words on the blog. However, I won’t be adding that until I get a few weeks under my belt so we have more to chat about.

Thanks and have a great day!


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