Why Classism?

You may be thinking:

“Awww… Why did she have to start off with such a heavy word? Why couldn’t it have been one that is more socially acceptable and one that I consider important?”

I intend to broach the subject of many words that are heavy and that lack a broad consensus of worth nowadays. I do this because I truly believe understanding words to be important. However, I also pick the more controversial words because of the type of person that I am. I prefer heavy and honest subjects to vapid ones. So if you prefer to explore only words more socially or societally acceptable, you may want to turn around now. This blog will not cater to sensitivities of any particular predetermined persons or group. The people who stay will be the type who can find certain words that we explore off-putting or even offensive but still have the intellectual capacity to be open-minded for the sake of knowledge and are willing to explore and try to understand more about these words.

Classism is a word that isn’t the most controversial. However, I do think the word has the potential to make some honest knowledge seekers of a few particular social and political persuasions uncomfortable.

I theorize that the reason Classism is rarely uttered by people anymore is for a couple of reasons, one is that it has become socially acceptable and in some cases even praiseworthy to hold Classist views. Another reason is that denouncing this form of discrimination is not strategically a good move for those who merely wish to defend a specific class of people. That is because many of these people tend to demonize a different class of people and would be considered hypocrites.

Classism is a word with more than 150 years of history. However, it was at its peak fairly recently and then it began to quickly and drasticly decline in usage.


Today, you rarely hear this word uttered in conversation or even in anonymous online discussions. Classism , in many people’s eyes, is acceptable if used towards the wealthy for example. It is rarely cited as a form of discrimination anymore when people speak of such things. More and more often in the national media and in the words of certain individuals and groups, Classist rhetoric has become the norm and those who listen in some cases find this rhetoric laudable or even courageous. As someone who abhors the idea of pre-judging a whole group of people regardless of their race, sex, class etc. I decided to cover this word in hopes of helping bring back some awareness of it.


So that is why we are exploring Classism as the first word on this Blog.




This post will discuss the format of the blog, the reason I chose to make it, information for people interested in suggesting words for this blog to explore, info about crediting sources and a few other things. Continue reading